Twin forts of Ankai and Tankai in the Manmad Region

About the Destination: Satmala Range, also called the Chandwad Range located South from Manmad is a range of table-top mountains running from west to east. This range contains many impressive and beautiful ancient hill forts.
Two impressive table-top mountains of this range - Ankai and Tankai - rise up to 275 m high above the surrounding landscape. The highest summit is located on Ankai - 961 m above the sea level and here opens a wide view on valleys of Khandesh and Godavari. Both hills from all sides have nearly vertical walls with several steps and only the narrow saddle between both hills makes them ascendable.
Ankai is located to the west of the common col. The uneven plateau on its top is up to 700 m long and approximately 200 m wide. Eastern side of plateau contains a steep hill which is rising some 45 m above the other plateau.Tankai is located to the east and is somewhat larger. It is up to 800 m long and up to 600 m wide. Surface of Tankai is more flat and windswept.
At the base…

Travelogue – Trek to Bitangad, Patta and Aad Forts in the Nashik region- by Chakram Hikers, Mulund

The range of Sahyadri ,starting from Igatpuri is also recognized as the range of Kalsubai. Towards the western side of this range we can find forts like Alang, Madan and the Kalsubai peak. Towards the eastern side of this range the forts like Aundh,Bitangad, Aad and Patta are situated 
On the weekend of 27-28 February, we had planned this trek with main focus on visiting and visiting the forts of Bitangad, Patta and Aad and also, if time permitted, visit the Jagdamba temple at the village of Tahakari.
A total of 5 participants started from Mulund in a Jeep on the night of Friday, February 26, 2016 for the trek. The route uptoBhandardara is quite easy to navigate. Further down the route gets a bit tricky and the road markings are far and few which makes navigation in the night a real nightmare. We turned into the route going towards Kalsubai (the highest peak in the Sahyadri in Maharashtra). We had to take a turn into the TakedPhata but due to lack of anysignage pointing to the turn, we …

Solapur - Osmanabad Trek Report

Date : September 24-27, 2004

Starting Point : Portuguese Church, Dadar, 11.10 pm

Started off at 11.10 pm after everyone assembled at the designated location. There were 9 of us for the trek, viz., Shailesh Kandalgaonkar (leader), Ashish Thakur, Ameya Datey, Ajay Dhuru, Amit Dhuru, Ketan Kale, Ravi Vaidyanathan, Nilesh Pitale and Mahesh Kadam. We booked a 16 seater Cruiser which was quite comfortable in accommodating all of us and our trekking sacks and other stuff too. Left the location and proceeded to our first destination Akluj.

Sept 25, 2004

Akluj (Solapur District)

A beautiful fort in Akluj was our first destination. Reached Akluj at 7.40 am, had our breakfast and then visited the fort. This fort is not quite vast and it took us around an hour to see it completely. Beautifully maintained garden inside the fort and quite a bit of it is being restored. This town in named Akluj after Aklai Devi who is the presiding diety of that town.

On the way to our next stop Velapur, we came acro…